What's pyadvsearch ?

It's a text search utility similar to 'grep', it's a bit wiser. It searches for lines that have one word in common and have the search words too.
For example:
python pyadvsearch.py  -a JButton  -a Listener  -i new  /home/thor/java/ej/

it searches for those files in that subdir that have lines like:

JButton abutton;

abutton.addlistener(new Listener)

That is, the file has lines that relates those two terms. 
The -i switch helps to filter out those too common words that would 
cause false positives. 

Downloading the product

As you might imagine is a GPL program, so basically copy it, use it, but don't alter the GPL license enclosed in the program.
The code + doc
Copyright, Manuel Gutierrez Algaba, June 2003. Released under GPL license. algaba@seul.org